The Government and DPs established the Macroeconomic Discussion Forum on 4th April 2014 to facilitate the exchange of information and promote discussion on matters related to macroeconomic policy and implementation in Ethiopia.

The Macroeconomic Discussion Forum (MDF) convenes at least twice a year, and acts as a platform to:

  • Share information regarding macroeconomic policies and strategies, implementation developments and basic macroeconomic data (GDP, fiscal performance, monetary, inflation, balance of payments, debt sustainability etc.)


  •  Discuss the achievements and challenges with regard to macroeconomic policy implementation; general and topical macroeconomic issues; primarily focusing on the Ethiopian macroeconomic situation (defined to include the real, monetary, fiscal, external and financial sectors) ;


  • Create mutual understanding of the macroeconomic policy objectives and the development endeavours the Government is undertaking; and


  • Harmonize the delivery of DP support related to macroeconomic management and technical assistance to eliminate duplication and maximize synergies.

Current co-chairs 

Mr. Mezgebu Ameha  (Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation)

Mr. Edward Sennoga (African Development Bank)