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The Productive Safety Net Program aims to shift away from a focus on short-term food needs met through emergency relief to addressing the underlying causes of household food-insecurity. The Project is expected to contribute to the reduction in the number of Ethiopians suffering from extreme hunger, malnutrition, and poverty and to the rehabilitation of the environment by strengthening soil and water conservation, making agriculture more productive and sustainable.

The objective of the proposed Second Productive Safety Net APL Project is to continue to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and fairness of the program in terms of ensuring; (i) timely, well-targeted transfers, (ii) the quality and environmental impact of the public works, (iii) the complementarity between the PSNP and other food security interventions, (iv) the local accountability dimensions of the program, and (v) Ethiopia's ability to respond to drought. The second Adaptable Program Loan (APL I1) will continue implementation of the project components approved as part of APL I, as well as the various modifications planned or underway to further strengthen core program implementation.

APL II has 3 components: (a) safety net grants which will provide grants (i) to households whose adults participate in labor-intensive public works subprojects, and (ii) for direct support to households who are labor poor and cannot undertake public works; (b) drought risk financing which aims to provide timely resources for transient food insecure households in response to shocks; and (c) institutional support which will strengthen all aspects of program implementation, including capacity building at community level, monitoring and evaluation, strengthening transparency and accountability measure, and carry out of several studies, pilots, and assessments.


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